Featured Fencer

Featured Fencer

Mateo Alonso - Our Spanish exchange student works hard at perfecting skills and tactics to be ready for competitions when he returns home.

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Fencing Equipment
OR... What do we need to get when we decide to purchase our own fencing uniform?


Basic Uniform


The basic uniform consists of the following items...

Jacket, Plastron (under arm protector), Mask and Glove (women/girls are also required to wear a hard plastic chest protector). If you intend to compete in USFA sanctioned competitions, you will also need Knickers (fencing pants) and Socks that cover the lower legs up to the bottom of the Knickers.

Items required for specific weapons include...


  • Épée Body Cord
  • Electric Épée Weapon


  • Foil Lamé
  • Foil Mask
  • Foil/Sabre Body Cord
  • Foil/Sabre Mask Cord
  • Electric Foil Weapon


  • Sabre Lamé
  • Sabre Glove or Gauntlet
  • Sabre Mask
  • Foil/Sabre Body Cord
  • Foil/Sabre Mask Cord
  • Electric Sabre Weapon

Other Considerations


Although shoes designed specifically for fencing are available, athletic shoes such as running or tennis shoes are perfectly suitable. The main consideration should be comfort.

Hard Plastic Chest Protector

This is required for fencers of the female gender. A chest protector can also provide a higher level of comfort for the male fencer.

Hard Cup Athletic Supporter/Shield

Another highly recommended addition to the fencing uniform.

Equipment Bag

They range from small to very large. The more weapon categories you want to fence, the larger the bag you will need.

Visit our Equipment Vendors page for information on where to purchase fencing equipment.


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