Featured Fencer

Featured Fencer

Mateo Alonso - Our Spanish exchange student works hard at perfecting skills and tactics to be ready for competitions when he returns home.

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The Big Sky Fencing Association brings high level, Olympic style fencing to Billings, Montana. Entry level classes as well as advanced coaching sessions are available to accommodate any skill level


Club Is Closed

We are sorry but several of our coaching staff are no longer able to coach making it impossible to continue. We are hopefull that other's interested in coaching will step up and help us to re-open in the near future but until then, thanks to everyone who has supported the club over the years and we hope to see you soon!

What's so great about fencing?

What's so great about fencing?

Read what some of our members have to say about why they like this sport.

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This Month's Awesome Video

Each month we feature a really awesome video to inspire fencing passions

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